Through our pastoral/tutorial program, we aim to motivate, empower, support and nurture young people from the ages of 16-19, in the planning and implementation of a tailored, individual-specific, pathway plan, in respect of future study, apprenticeships and employment.

Our expert knowledge in education gives us detailed insight into the progression opportunities for young people, and how this directly informs future study, for example in HE, or skills transference into employment.

We will provide 1-1 student and parent engagement to understand the personal aspirations of young people in order to establish the best possible way forward for the individual. Through this positive partnership we will identify core educational and personal strengths, interests and aspirations. We will detail those things that inspire and motivate, and from this understanding, detail a focused and purposeful progression pathway. We will always work WITH the young person and parents, and we will take the time to discuss, plan and establish strengths and strategies in order to identify the most aspirational package of progression options.

“We understand that pathway planning is pivotal to the process whereby young people map out their future, articulating their aspirations and identifying interim goals along the way to realising their ambitions.”

We will ensure that every young person we support will be able to take full empowered ownership of their own futures.

We are able to provide interactive interview training and guide young people to utilise website resources such as Eclipse, UCAS and Careers Companion. We will be able to deliver and discuss industry insight and vocational areas.

The program will also enable us to track, monitor and support student progress, both academically, practically and personally, in order to maintain positive progression and achievement over their two or three years, here at THE COLLEGE OF RUGBY.

The educational curriculum and qualifications are delivered by Virtual Learning UK, who provide and employ all teaching staff and who work in partnership with The College of Rugby.

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